About Us


Welcome, my name is Tamie and I'm the founder of Blessed Vintage.  I’ve always had a creative side and passion for home décor (or home wares), renovating houses and rejuvenating furniture.  Anyone who knows me, knows I love bringing out the beauty in something – whether that be a boring house into a home, furniture items into something stunning and then the finishing touches with home decorating – this is like therapy to me. 


At Blessed Vintage you will find many items for your furniture upcycling / DIY projects. Some of the products I stock are flexible resin Appliques, Chalk Paints and Mineral Paints, Specialised Finish and Sealing products, Cling-On! Brushes, re-design with Prima Transfers, Rice Papers (for Decoupage), Gemini Creative Stencils and I regularly hold "How To" workshops.  My inspiration comes from pieces of the past.  I love influences from Rustic, Country, French Provincial, Hamptons, Vintage, Farmhouse, Shabby Chic and even a little Industrial ... but I’m not limited to a particular style.  Home décor items are chosen for their style, character and special touch.


If you have your own piece but don’t have the confidence, why not try one of my Workshops?  I offer group and one on one workshops.  Anyone can learn to rejuvenate and reinvent their own pieces.  Imagination and persistence will help you create the perfect furniture pieces and home décor items.  I run and organise interactive project focused workshops where I teach others how to create and achieve the look they are after (held on the Southside of Brisbane). 


Whilst on the journey of rejuvenating very retired looking furniture pieces, I’ve tried quite a few paints, milk paints, chalk paints, brushes and waxes out there.  I have researched and used a variety of products but have came across products I love and that give the effect I’m after without hours of prep and sanding times.  I love and recommend these products.  


In closing, the experience I want customers to have with Blessed Vintage is good old fashioned honest customer service with products that are affordable and won’t break the budget.  


Wishing you a great day!