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29cm x 41cm - Re-Design Rice Paper - Floral & Dream

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Decoupage - Re·Design Rice Paper - Floral & Dream.

Product comes in 1 sheet - 29.21cm x 41.27cm.

Each beautiful sheet is a delicate, thin paper made from mulberry paper fibers, a renewable resource. Known for its beautiful ability to blend into any surface, Re·Design Rice Paper is perfect for collaging, and layering, to seamlessly blend onto your furniture, walls, and home decor pieces. Use to create one-of-a-kind, blended, and detailed pieces, with little or no thickness and texture. Re·Design Rice Paper features a delicate, thin composition, making it easier to cut and alter for even the smallest projects.

If you are after a perfect decoupage medium, Pureco's Eggshell Topcoat is more than just your Chalk/Mineral Paint Sealer.

Decoupaging is as simple as -
1. Cut your rice paper to size.
2. Brush on a coat of Eggshell Topcoat where you would like to decoupage.
3. Place down your rice paper and wet your finger tips with Eggshell Topcoat, then gently push down with your wet fingertips.
4. Seal by brushing on another coat of Eggshell Topcoat. You have now decoupaged.